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Do you want to fix your wii console? No matter what the problem is, we will show you how to fix your wii console with just a couple minutes of your time. No more than ten minutes to be exact! First off if you were thinking of sending your wii to Nintendo  or taking it somewhere that can fix it, Then STOP right there! Don't waste your money, they are likely to charge you anywhere between $75 - $200 just to fix your Nintendo Wii Console.

Here are some of the things we will teach you how to fix on your Nintendo Wii Console...

- Repair your Nintendo Wii's hardware problems
- Easily configure your Wii Connect 24
- Watch DVD movies that won't play
- Sync and fix remotes that don't work
- Solve game freezing problems
- Fix why your Wii ejects every single disc
- Fix those Wii console errors

Those are just the basics, here is direct access -  Fix Your Nintendo Wii Console

Here are some more Nintendo Wii Problems that can be easily fixed...

- Vibration Mode Of The Wii Remote Not Working
- Unable To Read Game Disc
- Error Message Board Data Is Full
- Basic Troubleshooting For The Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector
- Accessing Wii Data Managment
- Repairing The Wii Console's DVD Drive
- Repairing The Wii Sensor Bar's Cable
- Resolve Nintendo Wii Error Codes
- Fix Off-Center And Erratic Wii Cursor
- Replacing The Wii Console's DVD Drive
- Repairing The Wiimote
- Replacing The Wii Console's Internal Fan
- Fix Static Noise Or No Audio From Wii Remote Speaker
- Wiimote Cannot Sync With Console
- Wiimote Remote Buttons Are Sticky Or No Longer Responding
- Troubleshooting And Applying Fixes On The Wireless Router

These are just some of the problems you can fix yourself. There is so much more to mention so if your Nintendo Wii problem was not mentioned DON'T WORRY we can easily show you how to fix any problem for any wii console.

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This article was published on 2010/03/26