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So what if that title doesn't make sense. I'll tell you what doesn't make any sense. What doesn't make any sense is the idea that that my Xbox 360 needs to be fixed yet again because those freaking flashing red lights have shown up. How is that even possible!? How can a game console that cost that much money be that pathetically worthless?

I tell you what, the most frustrating experience of my life was a few weeks after I got my console and for no good reason at all, it froze. Luckily, the old patented 'Microsoft trick' worked the first time. You know, when your Microsoft computer freezes, what do you do?

• Turn it off and back on again. Well, that worked.

But a week later, guess what? I needed yet another red lights Xbox 360 fix. Even though the three red lights were showing, my power supply was still green. This is an indication that you may be able to fix it yourself even if you don't know anything about fixing 360's.

This time after searching, here's what I did:

• Removed the hard drive
• Removed the memory card
• Replaced them both

Well that lasted just a tad longer than my first fix. I was feeling devilishly sneaky like I had beaten the system because I didn't have to pay the $140 to ship the thing to Microsoft AND I didn't have to pay anyone else to repair the game console too. . . until.

Well they like to say the third time's the charm. And in my case it was a real freaking curse. I tried my two tricks again, but nothing. It showed me that the red lights on my Xbox 360 needed to be fixed for real this time.

All I knew were two things:

1. I wasn't going to send those thieves at Microsoft any more money for a faulty piece of equipment that I shouldn't have to fix anyway. Even though the warrantee is free, the shipping is EXPENSIVE.
2. And I knew it had to be something simple that I could do myself if I just knew how to do the red lights Xbox 360 fix.

So I did a bit more research online and came up with my last solution. Turns out there are some pretty cheap repair guides that specialize in the red lights Xbox 360 fix. Much to my surprise, it did fix it and hasn't broken down since. It was pretty easy. Hopefully in your case, the tricks I used above will work. If not, at least you've got a far cheaper solution than sending it to Microsoft.

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Red Lights Xbox 360 Fix

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This article was published on 2010/03/31