Xbox Error 74 Fix - Fix it Before Its Too Late

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Why is it that your Xbox seems to mess up at the worst times? Why can't that darn box just do what it's supposed to. Don't get me wrong, I love my Xbox, but if I get those red rings again I might go insane. I always need a Xbox error 74 fix as soon as it happens.

Fixing your best console can seem like it is literally impossible, but little you might know hundreds or even thousands of people are doing by themselves daily. It is certainly not impossible, but let's look at what we can do here.

You first thought would be to possible go to your nearest mom and pop shop to potentially fix it. Chances are, they have no clue what they're doing sadly.

What is your next bet? Oh yes, to go to the big old company that made it. Now I am not a big fan of this for a couple of reasons.

1. I would need to spend about $150 to get it fixed if I don't have the warranty

2. I need to make sure the package is not faulty because it may receive physical damage on the way

3. After if finally arrives "safely" you need to wait about 2 whole months to get your prized possession back

Now if you are anything like me, a true gamer, than you understand the importance of getting it fixed quick fast and in a hurry. You need a Xbox error 74 fix! There is no reason to wait 8 months to play gears online. Call of duty is sitting there waiting for me, but there is no console to play it on. This is a terrible thing to experience, thus being why I truly do not like this option.

Another thing you can do is fix it yourself. It is quick, simple and requires little tools that you can probably find around the house.

The red rings are general hardware failures, which means the can definitely be fixed. A good Xbox error 74 fix is underway. There are guides that I recommend you consider before dissecting your friend.

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You Xbox is closer than ever to being fixed. By reading this you are on your way to that good old Xbox live. With a good repair guide you can do a great Xbox error 74 fix in under 2 hours.
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Xbox Error 74 Fix - Fix it Before Its Too Late

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This article was published on 2010/03/27